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Lessons of Saturn are difficult to deal with, because they often come in form and through channels, we cannot understand. Ways of Saturn are commonly unpleasant, seen as vicious and cruel, so we deny them, before even trying to understand what they are about. Some of us never get such lessons. Saturn is, however, associated with several extremely good concepts. These are focus, concentration, persistence, ambition, self-consciousness, diligence, discipline, responsibility, seriousness.

Cancer Horoscope - Saturn in Capricorn - 2018/2020 prediction

Saturn helps us grow mentally and mature. Saturn promotes serious thinking and helps us realize where our limits lie. It constantly challenges us, until we realize the point. As we have mentioned, some of us never realize and then blame Saturn for all misfortunes that come upon their way. It is very important to learn how to channel its energy, especially if it sits in a non-favorable place.

When Saturn is in Cancer, it is in the place of its expulsion. Saturn in Cancer indicates great emotional instability and insecurity, usually related to past.

Saturn in Astrological sign of Cancer

Saturn suppresses emotional side of this person and makes him or her unable to express and channel their emotions. It can dramatically affect ones personality, especially in terms of self-esteem and confidence. It often leads to emotional closing and isolation, especially if Saturn is in bad aspects with the Moon that rules the sign of Cancer. These people hide their true emotions and they are extremely reserved.

Emotionally very fragile and vulnerable, they retreat, run away and step back in front of potentially emotionally harmful situations, as well as they would hide when they are indeed hurt. They tend to feel as victims even if from an objective and reasonable point of view they are not. Saturn in Cancer makes one appear distinctively cold and insensitive, although that is not what lies beneath their surface. Saturn Cancer people are commonly deeply attached to their family, very responsible and caring towards their loved ones. However, they have really hard times expressing their emotions, even in the circle of their closest ones.

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Saturn Cancer are introverted and reserved. They need ages until the open up to someone.

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They hardly express their emotions even in a very intimate relationship with someone. Relations within home are cold, stiff, with many unspoken words and unresolved issues. It is definitely a downside, because it often happens that some small inconvenience turn into something really problematic, because Saturn Cancer cannot process it right way and keeps it to him or herself. It takes favorable aspects in order that Saturn in Cancer shows its good side, but it is, of course, possible. If that is the case, such a combination indicates accentuated clues towards establishing close, normally emotional and stable family relations, in the first place.

Saturn in Cancer could be seen in good light, but only if conditioned by other favorable aspects, especially the one related to Saturn and the Moon, which rules Cancer.

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With good aspects, there are no emotional restrictions, but a steady and stable road to balance, in emotional sense and especially related to family life. People with Saturn in Cancer are devoted to their family and they need to feel safe and secure in their cozy home surroundings. Saturn in Cancer could make them emotionally open and affectionate, just as it could make them distant and cold.

Saturn Cancer people generally care much for their kin; only with good aspects, they have not difficulty in expressing it. Home and family are a sanctuary for Saturn Cancer. In favorable horoscope conditions everything is balanced and fine; family relations warm, stable, full of mutual trust, reliance and confidence. Saturn Cancer are caring and loyal people in a romantic love, as well. Saturn Cancer could have a very cozy and pleasant life, with steady income, no major financial trouble and they could feel emotionally complete and fulfilled.

The Saturn In Cancer: Significance and Meaning

They are capable of finding a deeper level of understanding with their lover. Since Saturn in Cancer is associated with waters in organism, good aspects bring healthy skin, diet and digestion. Well, it is pretty obvious how bad Saturn in Cancer could be. Saturn in Cancer could make one emotionally closed and completely isolated, which leads to loneliness and constantly being misunderstood. People with Saturn in Cancer cannot find a proper channel for their incredibly strong emotions and they feel deeply insecure and frustrated, while on the outside they just appear insensitive and repulsive.

Saturn in Cancer brings instability in family matters, relations are complicated, corrupted or broken. There is a lot of misunderstanding that comes from too many problems Saturn Cancer does not want to talk about or, more likely, does not know how to say it.


They are lonely, because they do not share the emotion of love and do not express their care for others, especially their closest ones. Bad aspects of Saturn in Cancer also bring financial disaster and instability, also in the sphere of family life. It often happens that frustrations of a person with Saturn in Cancer originate from their young days.

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It happens if a person was neglected on the side of someone close in the past. If they did not receive an expected amount of love and care, usually in their family circle or even in love life. They cannot process this problem and leave it. Although typically unconscious of such a problem, they become indifferent and cold towards people they actually care for.

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Saturn in Cancer plays with your deepest frustrations and emotions. It is always related to deep inner suffering, through which a person goes on their own, because no one could understand them. However, with bad aspects, people fail to understand it as a lesson and simply feel alone and miserable. Men with Saturn in Cancer breathe love and they need it to feel good about themselves.

They are oriented towards married and situated life in a cozy home. He is not emotionally open until he realizes he has found the right person to open up and this is usually his future wife. He does not demonstrate his emotions pompously. People with Saturn in Cancer will work very hard at making their own families a success. They will go out of their way to try and not repeat the problems of their own childhood by working extra hard to guide and care for their own children.

They will make every effort around the home and family, often strongly pushing their children to make the best of themselves and their abilities. Indeed people with this combination may make good relationship or family councillors because of their own experiences and the difficulties they have had to work through.

Emotional expression for the person with Saturn in Cancer will always be an issue and a challenge but will ease as they get older until hopefully they find some sort of balance. Discover what Saturn in each sign of the zodiac in your horoscope means from the corresponding pages in this section. If you would like to explore your natal chart further, including your Saturn sign, please see our computer generated astrology reports for details. Saturn in Cancer Personality With Saturn in Cancer, the planet lies in the first of the water signs, emotional Cancer.

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